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Learn GameMaker GML Programming Couse

New To GameMaker?

This Book Covers The Basics And Fundamentals You Need To Start Making Your Own Amazing Games

This Book Assumes No Prior GameMaker or Programming Knowledge

Everything Is Explained and Demonstrated, With Text, Code & Screenshots

By The End Of This Book You'll Have A Strong Understanding Of The Basics Of Programming GML In GameMaker

This book teaches you the basics and fundamentals to start making your own cool games with the latest version of GameMaker.

By teaching you the core elements of GML, you'll be better prepared to create your own projects.

Step-By-Step Instructions With Lots Of Screenshots To Make It Easy To Follow Along.

The Book Starts Off With an Introduction, Guiding You Around The IDE, Also Showing How To Create The Assets That Will Make Your Game Happen.

Each Of The 29 Main Chapters Explains and Introduces New Functions And Features, Explaining How It Works, With Examples And Screenshots To Make It Clear How To Use It. 

Additionally, At The End Of Each Chapter There Are Some Assignments To Complete - The Book Also Includes A Download Of All Complete Assignments.

The Next Section Puts Into Practice Everything You've Learnt As You Make Your First Game. The Book Then Ends With 65 Programming Assignments, Allowing You To Practice & Demonstrate Everything You Have Learnt.

Screenshots From The Game You'll Make:


Includes 65 Amazing Features To Add To Your Game:

Basic Weapon Upgrade
Better Collison Detection
Bonus Bird
Bonus Round
Character Selection
Coins Bonuses
Combo Kill Effect
Create Lots Of Effects
Dangerous Blimp
Difficulty Settings
Double Damage
Draw Score As Text
End Of Level Boss
Enemy Crash In Water
Enemy Incoming Alert
Engine Sounds
Exploding Mega Bomb
Fast Move Bonus
Floating Score Text
Friendly Hot Air Balloon
Fuel Control System
Heat Distortion Effect
Heat Seeking Weapon
Hit Enemy Damage
Hoop To Fly Through
How To Play Information
Increasing Difficulty
Knockback When Shooting
Laser Weapon
Logo Change Colour
Mega Super Weapon
Mega Weapon
Menu Plane Effect
Mini Helper Plane
Mouse Cursor Change
Mouse Over Menu Buttons
Moving Text
Music Control
Name With Highscore
New Enemy
On Screen Keyboard
Plane Player Crash
Planes On Menu
Player Achievements
Player Auto Move
Player Flash When Hit
Quit Game Confirmation
Radar Showing Enemies
Random Game Play
Read Score As Voice
Room Fade In / Out Effect
Screen Shake
Shield Bonus
Shoot Weapon To Target
Shooting Cool Down
Shop System
Sliding Menu Buttons
Slowly Change Menu Button Size
Slowly Increase Score
Text With Border
Voice On New Highscore
Water Based Enemy
Weapon Trail Effects
Weather Effects
Wobbly Logo


+ Each Feature Has An Example Project File You Can Import, Showing An example Solution

Packed Full Of Easy To Follow Screenshots:

30 Main Chapters, Each Focusing On A Different Programming Aspect:
Introduction - Quick Guide To The IDE
Chapter 1 – Variables
Chapter 2 - Conditionals
Chapter 3 – Drawing Shapes
Chapter 4 – More Drawing
Chapter 5 - Input & Movement
Chapter 6 – Objects & Events
Chapter 7 – Sprites
Chapter 8 – Health, Lives & Score
Chapter 9 - Mouse
Chapter 10 - Alarms
Chapter 11 - Collisions
Chapter 12 - Rooms
Chapter 13 - Backgrounds
Chapter 14 - Sounds
Chapter 15 – Splash Screens & Menu
Chapter 16 - Random
Chapter 17 - AI
Chapter 18 – INI Files
Chapter 19 - Effects
Chapter 20 - Loops
Chapter 21 - Arrays
Chapter 22 – DS Lists
Chapter 23 - Paths
Chapter 24 - Functions
Chapter 25 – Tilesets
Chapter 26 – Timelines
Chapter 27 – Views
Chapter 28 – MP Grids
Chapter 29 – Sequences


After Teaching The Necessary GML Code, Features and Functions, Each Chapter Ends With A Number Of Assignments, So You Can Demonstrate You've Learnt and Understood Everything. If You Get Stuck, Each Assignment Has An Example Project You Can Import.

Available As a Paperback or PDF eBook

What You Get:

400 Page Paperback or PDF

Over 100 Commented Project Files For Assignments and Project

All Resources Needed To Complete The Chapters