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I’m pleased to announce that my publisher has agreed to publish my new GameMaker Studio 2 book.

It has already been drafted, as have the massive collection of 25 casual style games.

This book covers all the basics you’ll for making a game using the GML coding and the new IDE for GMS2..

You’ll quickly progress onto more advanced programming, with lots of hints and tips to pick up as you work through the step-by-step instructions.

The book is well laid out, with plenty of screenshots and explanations of the code that you’ll learn lots from.

Whether you are using GameMaker Studio 2 for the first time, or have already learnt the basics, then this book is suitable for you. The first three chapters gradually introduce how to use the IDE and some basic GML coding, with following chapters covering more in-depth GML coding, more advanced use of IDE and more progressive game design.

It will be about 270 pages and includes all resources and project files.

The RRP of this book is expected to be $39.99 for the paperback upon release.

Special: Get A Free Review Copy Of This Book




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