Drag & Drop Book

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This book will have:

  • The process of making 4 casual games, step-by-step
  • Tips & explanations of D&D functions
  • Lots of screenshots making it easy to follow
  • Suitable for any age range
  • Can be used for home study or class use
  • Includes all resources (sprites & audio), along with GMZ project files
  • Extra programming challenges for each  of the 4 games – great for classes with mixed ability
  • Available as full colour eBook (PDF) and paperback (B&W)
  • Release date April 2018

If you pre-order, you can save $$$ along with:

  • Access to a special page on this site where you can follow progress
  • Early access to the book and games (feedback welcome)
  • Take part in polls to decide on book content
  • Discounts on additional paperbacks


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Author: Ben

18 thoughts on “Drag & Drop Book”

  1. I would definitely be interested in a drag & drop book for GMS 2. I have GM8, GMS HTML, GMS 1, and GMS 2; but I know they are dropping support for everything but GMS 2 soon.

  2. It is a good idea for some but certainly not all. Games can be quite limited when using D&D alone so maybe include basic scripting using small code items etc.

    1. If this book goes ahead, it will be 99% D&D.
      I’m looking to target those who would like to make a game or two with D&D only.

  3. As a teacher, I am interested. I teach High School CS and use gamemaker as the program of choice. We spend 6 weeks on drag and drop and 12 weeks on gml. The middle schools in the area use Drag and Drop only, so there is definitely an audience who could benefit from D&D.

    1. Thanks for taking time to give some feedback.
      I have had a few emails from schools, in various countries, ask if I would do a Drag & Drop book.
      It looks like it appeals most to young learners, especially those with no programming skills, and limited math knowledge.

  4. I am a teacher and would appreciate a D and D book that is focused at beginners. I would prefer GMS 1 as that is what we have educational license for. There are enough books out there relating to GML.

  5. Hi Ben, I have lots of your books and they are very good. I would love to see a drag and drop book for GM2. If i can, as a teacher in Australia, it would be great if it goes ahead that it includes good sections of the variables (Local and global if possible), control structures used (loops, decisions etc) as well as ideas for projects etc.
    Many thanks for the opportunity to comment and I would be happy to do some proofing if needed.

  6. I teach a school club for Elementary students using Gamemaker. We don’t get into any scripting, so I’d be very interested in a Drag and Drop book. Hope it goes ahead.

  7. Yes drag and drop book would be great as there is guy on my discord that could do with this book so he stop harassing me.

  8. I am a teacher at a high school in Australia and I think this would be a great idea for beginners and supported students who may have difficulty developing the complex skills that are needed to use coding.

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