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Zombie Tower Defense

This book covers the design and programming of a fully featured Tower Defense game. Unlike previous books & games, which were modular and covered several games, this one is a bit different.

Made For GameMaker Studio 2

It covers the whole process, from start to finish, including all resources and project files.

Latest Menu Screen:

Latest Game Level:

The main features of the game are:

  • Money based system for buying towers and upgrades, and selling
  • Four tower types, with upgrades
  • Three enemies, including fast and flying – with path finding
  • AI weapon systems
  • Save system
  • Path finding
  • Tower placement system
  • Effects
  • Various cool graphical effects
  • Great graphics & HUD system
  • + Lots more features

Includes Book, Game & Resources

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Includes Source Code You Can Use In Your Games – Both Free & Paid!!

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50 Retro Games

Purchase Of This Book Includes The Source Code Of 50 Games (For GameMaker Studio 2) & All Resources

Includes The Following Retro Remakes:
Tank Trax – Space Invaders
Sokoban – Jeepers Creepers
Rock, Paper, Scissors – Frogger
Blitz – Missile Command
Asteroids – Boulder Dash
Horrace Goes Skiing – Pitfall
MicroMachines – River Raid
Centipede – Operation Wolf
Tron – Snake
Paperboy – Brick
Commando – DuckHunt
Daley Thompson Decathlon – Pong
Jet Pack – Death Chase
Bomber Man – Bubble Bobble
Pengo – Krazy Golf
Xevious – Ghost ‘n’ Goblins
Air & Sea – Rainbow Island
Chuckie Egg – Chopper Command
Combat – ET
Grand Prix – Joust
Stampede – Kaboom!
Cosmic Ark – Hangman
Sea – Quest Outlaw
Barnstorming – Moon Patrol
Fishing Derby – Commando Raid


This book covers an amazing 50 retro style game remakes. This is my biggest book yet (both in contents, page count and projects covered) – it covers an amazing 50 games, tonnes of different genres. Includes all resources and project files.

All Updated Contents For GameMaker Studio 2.

Each game has its own chapter, resources and completed YYZ you can import. Step by step instructions for each game are included, along with coding explanations and extra ideas to add to each game.

100 Ways To Improve Your Game

Written especially for GameMaker Studio 2

Here Is A Video Previewing Some Effects:

Download A Preview Of Some Of The Effects Here

The ebook is on pre-order, which includes all resources / project files and copies of the book in PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

A few of us have teamed up for a new book project titled “100 Ways To Improve Your Game”.

As per the title, it’s a collection of awesome GML and scripts you can add to your project to make amazing graphics & audio effects, coding tips and other cool features to take your game project to the next level.

Each of the 100 has an example project file, so you can see it in action.

Farming Game

Written especially for GameMaker Studio 2

This is a little side project that I am working on.

It will cover 50 elements needed for creating a farming style game.

Each element will have it’s own chapter, step-by-step instructions, screenshots and coding explanations, along with a project file for each and all resources.

It will explain step-by-step how to program each element.

Will include features:

  • Wood Chopping
  • Mining
  • Weather
  • Crafting
  • Shop
  • Building Upgrades
  • Crops (planting, water, and harvesting)
  • NPC
  • Dialogue System
  • Upgrades
  • Farm Machinery
  • Cooking
  • Programmable Characters / Staffing
  • Tool Tips
  • Cool Camera Control
  • Shadow Effects
  • Water Shader
  • Day / Night Effect
  • Moving Foliage
  • Inventory System
  • Relationships & Children
  • Gold Based Money System
  • Room Transitions
  • Fishing For Food
  • Random Events
  • Graphical Effects
  • Save / Load System
  • Depth Based Graphics System
  • Teleportation Items
  • Market To Sell Produce
  • Birds / Animals That Eat Your Crops
  • Farm Animals That Produce Milk & Wool
  • Seasons
  • Scarecrows To Protect Crops From Birds
  • Farm Vehicles For Quicker Planting / Harvesting
  • Crops That Change Yield Based On How Well They Are Cared For
  • Fake Z Axis & Shadow
  • + Lots More

Written especially for GameMaker Studio 2



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