Tower Defense Book

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Zombie Tower Defense

This book covers the design and programming of a fully featured Tower Defense game. Unlike previous books & games, which were modular and covered several games, this one is a bit different.

Made For GameMaker Studio 2

It covers the whole process, from start to finish, including all resources and project files.

Latest Menu Screen:

Latest Game Level:

The main features of the game are:

  • Money based system for buying towers and upgrades, and selling
  • Four tower types, with upgrades
  • Three enemies, including fast and flying – with path finding
  • AI weapon systems
  • Save system
  • Path finding
  • Tower placement system
  • Effects
  • Various cool graphical effects
  • Great graphics & HUD system
  • + Lots more features

Includes Book, Game & Resources

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Includes Source Code Your Can Use In Your Games – Both Free & Paid!!

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