Practical GameMaker Studio

Written for GameMaker: Studio 1, mainly suitable for GameMaker Studio 2

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Amazon Description:

Gain the skills required to create fun and compelling games using GameMaker: Studio, and its GML programming language. In this full-color book you’ll learn 24 practical programming elements that are important when creating any game. Each section includes an introduction to a new programming element, some examples, a worksheet, and mini projects to allow you to test your new knowledge. After completing all elements, you will put into action what you have learned in a classic arcade style game.

In Practical GameMaker: Studio, you will create a fully featured game, with guidance and in color. After each section you’ll see how you’ll apply what you’ve learned to the final game, and discover additional projects to try. These mini projects include a separate scoring guide, and a working example for each, which is useful if you’re using this book in an educational environment. Similarly, the book also contains a number of assignments, which you may include as part of any associated coursework in your classes.

What You Will Learn

Use GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker Language (GML) to create games
Work with GML variables, conditionals, drawing, keyport I/O, objects, and events
Create GML sprites, health/lives, alarms, collisions, and rooms
Improve your game with GML backgrounds, sound and music, splash screens and menus, and effects<
Include GML random and AI movements in your game
Use GML loops, arrays, ds_lists, paths, and scripts

Who This Book Is For

Experienced game developers new to GameMaker or for those with at least some prior exposure or experience with GameMaker: Studio but who are new to GML.

Cover The Following Topics

Lesson 1 – Variables
Lesson 2 – Conditionals
Lesson 3 – Drawing
Lesson 4 – Drawing Continued
Lesson 5 – Keyboard Input and Simple Movement
Lesson 6 – Objects
Lesson 7 – Sprites
Lesson 8 – Health, Lives and Score
Lesson 9 – Mouse
Lesson 10 – Alarms
Lesson 11 – Collisions
Lesson 12 – Rooms
Lesson 13 – Backgrounds
Lesson 14 – Sounds and Music
Lesson 15 – Splash Screens and Menus
Lesson 16 – Random Numbers
Lesson 17 – More Movement (Basic AI)
Lesson 18 – Ini Files
Lesson 19 – Text Files
Lesson 20 – Arrays
Lesson 21 – DS_lists
Lesson 22 – Loops
Lesson 23 – Paths
Lesson 24 – TimeLines
Lesson 25 – Scripts

Amazon Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Informative and useful GameMaker Studio GML learning resource
April 5, 2017

Format: Paperback
Well written and informative book gives a solid intro to GameMaker Studio 1.4 GML scripting Language. . Very clear examples with lot of hands on examples and screen shots. Work sheets, projects and suggested advance projects keep the ideas flowing. I could see this book being used in a game design course. I have a variety of GameMaker books and always seem to find myself with one of Mr. Tyers’s publications when looking for ideas or just leaning new techniques.

5.0 out of 5 stars
One of the most complete books to learn and improve your Game Maker programming skills!
March 1, 2017

Format: Paperback
This book covers almost each aspect of the GML language, D&D interface usage and Game Maker IDE.
It has chapters of language instructions, iterators, variables, interface buttons and menus…
There are also LOTS of screenshots with notes and explanations to let you familiarize with both IDE interface and GML language.
After each chapter there are tests, exercises and questions to let you know how much you understand of what you have just read or studied and improve with your knowledge and practical skills.
I think that is the most, or surely one of the most complete books on Game Maker, that help you to improve from 0 to Advanced, or expert level… but is quite big, so you’ll need time and determination to complete it with success.

Surely a VERY GOOD book that deserve your attention.

[sic] Recommended


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