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Written for GameMaker: Studio 1, majority of content suitable for GameMaker Studio 2

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Carry out the pre-planning, design, and programming of role playing games (RPGs) using the popular GameMaker: Studio in this very practical and fun book. Author Ben Tyers teaches you how to create a story or plotline for the RPG, apply aesthetics, and develop core and extended gameplay.
Using Learn RPGs in GameMaker: Studio, you can design and build your own RPG using the GameMaker: Studio platform. Build your first game application and deploy in an app store, on Facebook, or just on a PC. Maybe, even, make a few bucks.

What You’ll Learn

Use the GameMaker: Studio platform to design and build a role playing game
Create a story for game design purposes, using a plot line and defining characters
Discover the impact of aesthetics on art style, character separation, scene development, sound design and views
Master core gameplay elements such as battles, exploration, scoring, and endings
Work with extended gameplay elements such as collectibles, quirks, management, and saving
Employ the various core and extended gameplay elements as appropriate to your RPG

Who This Book Is For

Game designers or developers looking to design and build their first role playing game using the GameMaker: Studio platform.

Covers The Following Elements

=: Introduction
=: The Alert Text Effect
=: Battle System
=: Boss Character’s Battle
=: Branching Dialogue
=: Coin System Shop
=: Cutscene
=: Depth-Based Graphics
=: Downloading Bonus Levels from a Website
=: Drivable Vehicles
=: Enemy Path Finding
=: Footstep Sounds
=: Hints and Tips
=: HUD
=: Inventory
=: Invincibility
=: Mini-Quests
=: Multiple Locations
=: Positional Audio
=: Respawn Points
=: Useable Items
=: Weapon Control
=: Zooming
=: Destructible Terrain
=: Dashing
=: Quest Completion
=: Road Builder
=: Character Progression Upgrade
=: Party Mechanics
=: Day/Night Cycle
=: Puzzle Room
=: Treasure Hunting
=: Card Battle
=: Graphical Effects
=: Random Level Generation
=: Fishing Mini-Game
=: Ship Mini Game
=: Dice Rolling
=: Mini-Game and Dual View
=: Game End 

Written for GameMaker: Studio 1, majority of content suitable for GameMaker Studio 2

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