Whether you’re totally new to GML or looking to improve your skills, I have a number of GameMaker Studio books available. You can buy them seperately or a as part of a set. All the books include all the resources needed as a download, along with completed project files.

Learn step-by-step as you follow along in the books. Once you’ve worked through the books, you’ll have a much greater understanding of GameMaker Studio’s GML programming language, and have the skills to make your own games.


GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

If you already have some GML knowledge, or are teaching mixed ability classes, then this GameMaker Studio book is what you are looking for. It has 100 programming challenges, ranging from simple to advanced (plus additional tasks for the more daring). Each provides some of the code that will be needed, but leaves it to the user create a working solution. Each challenge has as an example GMZ project file demonstrating a method of solving the solution.

Learn RPGs In GameMaker: Studio

Learn to make 40 commonly used RPG elements, each with its own chapter, resources and an example GMZ project file for each. The book guides you through the process of each element.

Practical GameMaker Projects

Written especially for GameMaker Studio 2. This book is great if you are new to GameMaker Studio 2, or are transitioning from GameMaker: Studio 1. A practical hands on book the guides you through the process of making 10 casual  games:

  • Bomber
  • Darts
  • Jet Pack
  • Match 3
  • Platform
  • Quiz
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Snake
  • Spot The Difference
  • Tower Defense

Each has its own chapter, along with all the project files you need, plus a completed project in YYZ format.

By the end of this book you’ll have strong basic knowledge of GML and your way around the features of GameMaker Studio 2. You’ll have the skills need to start making your own games.

Practical GameMaker Studio

Written for GameMaker: Studio 1, this book is still relevant for GameMaker Studio 2.

Gain the skills required to create fun and compelling games using GameMaker: Studio, and its GML programming language. In this full-color book you’ll learn 24 practical programming elements that are important when creating any game. Each section includes an introduction to a new programming element, some examples, a worksheet, and mini projects to allow you to test your new knowledge. After completing all elements, you will put into action what you have learned in a classic arcade style game.

In Practical GameMaker: Studio, you will create a fully featured game, with guidance and in color. After each section you’ll see how you’ll apply what you’ve learned to the final game, and discover additional projects to try. These mini projects include a separate scoring guide, and a working example for each, which is useful if you’re using this book in an educational environment. Similarly, the book also contains a number of assignments, which you may include as part of any associated coursework in your classes.


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