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Page: 100 Ways To Improve Your Game

GameMaker 100 Ways To Improve Your Game

Download A Preview Of Some Of The Effects Here

The ebook is on pre-order for however much you wish to pay – from $1 to $20, which includes all resources / project files and copies of the book in PDF, EPUB and MOBI.

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A few of us have teamed up for a new book project titled “100 Ways To Improve Your Game”.

As per the title, it’s a collection of awesome GML and scripts you can add to your project to make amazing graphics & audio effects, coding tips and other cool features to take your game project to the next level.

Each of the 100 has an example project file, so you can see it in action.

Below is a list of confirmed projects this book & resources will cover:

1 Draw Text With Border / Shadow
2 Slowly Rotate Gun Turret / Missile
3 Scroll-able Menu
4 RPG Style Text
5 Item Reward Effect
6 Queued Message
7 Fade In/Out on Room Transition
8 Slowly Move To Position
9 Crafting Via Recipes
10 Item Throb Effect
11 Screen Shake
12 Bezier Curve Paths
13 Targetted Parabolic Paths
14 Character Customization
15 Custom Pathfinding
16 Ropes Between Objects
17 Networking
18 Procedural Generation
19 Optimizations
20 Platforming
21 Platfomer AI
22 TopDown AI
23 Delta Timing
24 Development Console
25 Graphical Effects (Shadows / Wind Effect
26 General Code Tips
27 Reflections
28 Bloom Shader
29 Vertex Buffers
30 State Machines
31 Inverse Kinematics
32 Enemy/player Wounded Effect. (Blinking)
33 Weighted Loot Tables
34 RPG Style Damage Calculation
35 Doors For Going In Between Two Rooms
36 Popup Text Bubbles
37 On Screen Keyboard
38 Tweens and Easings
39 Button Effects Using Elasticity and Spring
40 2D Dynamic Water
41 Sunburst Effect
42 Fake 3D Sprite
43 2 Player Split Screen
44 Character Selection Screen
45 Snap To Grid
46 Highlight Text When Mouse Hovers
47 Blood Splatter Effects
48 Coin Collection Effect
49 Tool Tip Popup
50 Interesting Health Bars
51 Bullet Holes
52 Player Movement Sprite Control
53 Parallax Background
54 Bomb Throw Effect
55 Pushable Objects
56 Autonomous Ship Turrets
57 Interesting Buttons
58 Cool Intro/Chapter Text
59 Making a tiled World Map Via Code
60 Screen-Flash Damage Indicator
61 Floating Wobbly Text
62 Destructible Terrain
63 Dynamic Clickable Button
64 Film Style Credits (Star Wars)
65 Platform & Slope Collision
66 Scrolling Effect
67 3D Water
68 2D Destructible Terrain
69 3D Shader
70 Colour Control
71 Top Down Vehicle Physics
72 Infinite Runner
73 Wall Jumping
74 Seamless Room Wrapping
75 Ghost Follow Player
76 Radar
77 Shop System
78 Rotating Mini Map
79 Select Multiple Troops
80 Password Easter Egg
81 Motion Predict



Download A Preview Of Some Of The Effects Here

The ebook is on pre-order.


Choose Paperback Or eBook

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