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Welcome to my  GameMaker Books Site. Here you will find a selection of books written by me and published via Apress and self published.

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Whether you’re totally new to GML or looking to improve your skills, I have a number of GameMaker Studio books available. You can buy them seperately or a as part of a set. All the books include all the resources needed as a download, along with completed project files.

Learn step-by-step as you follow along in the books. Once you’ve worked through the books, you’ll have a much greater understanding of GameMaker Studio’s GML programming language, and have the skills to make your own games.

If you are looking to study GameMaker Studio 2 at home, or use as resources in a teaching environment, then these books are a great place to start. If you are buying for educational use, feel free to contact me – I can provide an invoice, and possibly a discount, depending on your needs.

Not sure where to start? I recommend this book first:

Practical GameMaker Projects

You can purchase the Apress books as ebooks (PDF, Epub and MOBI) or paperbacks. Here is some more info on the Apress books:

New GameMaker Studio 2 Book

Practical GameMaker Projects

Practical GameMaker Studio

GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

Learn RPGs In GameMaker: Studio

I’m really pleased to share the news that my publisher, Apress.com, has signed me up for a new GameMaker Studio 2 book!

Looking To Teach GameMaker Studio 2 In Schools & Clubs? Checkout This Book Here

This book will contain content from previous books that were written for GMS1, all updated with new code, screenshots, project files and resources – 100% updated for GMS2.

In addition, this book has been especially designed and formatted so that it is suitable for home use, but also contains an appendix with homework assignments for each chapter, an end of course test, a marking guide, and a teacher’s cheat sheet with all the important info so educators can quickly plan their lessons.

The book consists of an introduction that quickly and effectively guides you through the main features of GameMaker Studio 2 so you are prepared for the main chapters.

Each chapter covers a fundamental GML aspect, which explains it’s uses, explanations and examples, and some projects to apply what has just been learnt.

All resources and project files are provided.

This books assumes that you, or your students, have no or minimal understanding of GML or game programming in general. Each chapter is accompanied by screenshots so you can easily understand what you need to do.

If you are interested in acquiring this book, you can pre-order the paperback below For just $39.99 including worldwide postage, order here