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Apress Books

You Can Download a Free PDF Preview Of My Apress Books Here

If you’re new to GameMaker: Studio and are looking to learn the fundamentals, then I suggest Practical GameMaker Studio Language Projects as a starting point. With this book you’ll learn the basics of GML programming, broken down into bite size sections. Each section has an introduction, explanation of code with worksheets and assignments to test your new knowledge. Also has an end book exam and projects – great for classroom use. Includes a download of all resources & project files.

If you already have some knowledge of using GameMaker: Studio and GML, I have an awesome book 100 Programming Challenges that will push your skills to their limit. Each challenge has an example GMZ file showing an example solution, plus extra tasks for the more advanced GML programmer.

If you feel that you’re not quite ready for GML, I have a couple of books for making some small games using GameMaker’s Drag & Drop. The book for version 1.4 is out now, and for 2.1 will be out soon (if you order for 1.4 now you’ll get the book for 2.1 for free when it is out). Both these books cover the process of making casual games – step-by-step with lots of screenshots so you don’t get lost. Includes all resources & project files.

Looking to exercise your gray matter as you make 50 games?

Includes the following more advanced programming aspects:

More Advanced AI
Saving / Loading Arrays & DS Structures
Graphical Lighting Effects
Audio Buffering / Recording
Animation Control
Spawning System
Card Game Data Handling
Using In-Built Physics
Handling Multiple Views / GUI Layer
Player Input Via GamePad
Procedural Maze Generation
+ A Good Selection Of Cool Coding Tricks

More Info On Brain Games Here

Paperback Book Set

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I also have a collection of 200 GML examples, great if you’re looking for a solution to a basic coding problem. Includes a description and GMZ project file for each to download, access is free.

If you’re looking some ready to go projects, I have 50 basic retro style games:

You can download the 50 project files in ZIP on this page


Aswell as GameMaker themed books, I also dabble in a bit of fiction.

Both books are available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI for just $2 Here


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Learn To Make 10 Classic Games

For GameMaker Studio 2

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